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The Media of Mediumship

The Media of Mediumship is an AHRC-funded project, which aims to examine the relationship between science, technology, and occultism in modern Britain, using the unique collections of the Science Museum Group and Senate House Library to explore the entangled histories of human belief, perception, trust, and scientific evidence as experienced through sight and sound. Over a series of talks, events, and creative performances, the project tells the story of how unorthodox spiritual believers and sceptics alike have used new technologies and scientific instruments—photography, wireless transmission, telegraphy, tape recorders—to test, affirm, or debunk the existence of an unseen world. In so doing, the project delivers original curatorial perspectives on collection materials whose occult histories of use have long been unknown or misunderstood. The Media of Mediumship is based at the University of Stirling and produced in collaboration with the Science Museum Group and Senate House Library. It is co-led by Efram Sera-Shriar and Christine Ferguson


For more information about the Media of Mediumship, please visit the project website:

If you are interested in paranormal technology, check out this conversation between Efram Sera-Shriar and Dallas Campbell for the popular History Hit podcast Patented: History of Inventions

The Media of Mediumship teamed up with the Science Museum Group UK to produce a three-part Objects and Stories series:

Part One: Using Science to Investigate the Paranormal

Part Two: Spirit Photography and the Occult

Part Three: Telecommunications and the Occult

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